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It’s time to make a new purchase. Whether personal or for a business, you’re most probably thinking about online shopping as an inevitable quick way to access reasonably priced items at that time, no? But, which works better? Facing Amazon vs. AliExpress and eBay seeks to answer that question quickly and to the point. 

First, what do we need to know about Amazon?

Little can be said about Jeff Bezos’ main baby that people haven’t already heard. However, and according to Fortune, “Amazon's stock has soared 225,233% under Bezos, bringing the company's market cap up to $1.7 trillion.”

If you were wondering about Bezos a bit, the second wealthiest person on the planet should personally be close to launching to space at a commercial level. And that’s around the same time this magnate is expected to step down as executive chairman this year for the e-Commerce giant, leaving everything in the hands of the new CEO, Andy Jassy. 

But, comparing Amazon from a user perspective, in all honesty, calls for a mention of the site's user experience, which is technically hard to beat. They've invested considerable amounts in design, branding, and many more upgrades to their entire game. Let's just say there’s a reason why the company stands as one of the Big 5. 

The above also comes with the amazing (pun intended) benefit of world-class support responsible for every transaction, for example. Refunds, returns, any disputes are all quickly and efficiently handled at the top of the service level.

Factor in the subscription model

Now, buying online at Amazon can especially mean finding items at lower pricing than they would be tagged as in physical stores, massive malls. 

However, Amazon Prime is also an excellent example of the diverse pricing models, which can significantly impact our target audiences, their user experience, and the actual final pricing we pay per item. 

Tagged at either $12.99 per month (plus taxes) at the time of writing or at $119 per year (also plus taxes), Bezos’ company’s premium subscription comes with many perks, some of which can be worth the cost for added shipping benefits, online access to platforms or apps and/or discounts. This can mean the difference between getting packages in less than a day for free or paying higher costs for more delayed shipping.

AliExpress’ unbeatable price offers?

Selling items at less than 1 dollar is probably one of the main reasons anyone would shop at AliExpress over other better-known marketplaces. With lightning offer kind of price drops, the platform can be awfully attractive to use at given times. It’s just a great platform to buy inexpensive products. That may well be its signature benefit to the public. 

Be patient and lower product quality expectations.

You have to be patient to shop at AliExpress, though. Part of why what you buy at AliExpress is so inexpensive is the model under which the company works. And that entails shipping out of China to the world, which puts a considerable delay in how quickly you’ll get your order. 

Buy from here when you’ve got time to wait to get a package. And that can go from weeks in a row to even a month (or more) on a single order. It’s also best if you’re okay with disappointment as items can look smaller than imagined from the pictures, for example. Or what you get can be broken by the time they get to you. 

This is no science other than the cost of manufacture tied to long journeys before products reach their final destination. And that sometimes works beautifully. Sometimes all we need is to know we're getting our items at low prices and that it just takes some time for those to get to us. 

If you are into bargaining, auctions, and other forms of buying

Then eBay starts making more sense. Compared to Amazon’s wide offer of new or used products versus AliExpress’s budget and low pricing to a gigantic stock of items, eBay brings auctions to the table. And it kind of specializes in that mode of selling from all three options listed. 

You can also rely on eBay’s delivery timeframes to be faster than the expected delay for an AliExpress package to arrive. 

How can I pay on eBay?

Also, take methods of payment into account. Payment options on eBay differ from those available at AliExpress, for instance. So, whether you’re looking to pay with a credit card, debit account, or an eWallet such as PayPal, all of that can make a difference on which eCommerce you end up choosing. 

If access matters, browse online or through the app

All of the platforms we mention in this article are available through a web browser. They also come with iOs and Android apps. So, the untie is barely linked to this side of things, though the actual functionality and view can be a factor for many once it comes down to navigating the tools to place our orders. 

Distribution of goods vs. manufacturing

One other factor to consider is how independent each seller can be. In Amazon’s case, if every seller currently acting as a third party was to drop out from their platform for whatever reason, Amazon would still be able to come through with sales. 

Take into account how much has been re-invested in the company that they can count on at least “175 fulfillment centers around the world in more than 150 million square feet of space.” A lot has been said about these places. Robotics and many sorts of machines, numerous employees, and equally large computer systems go over millions of daily cycle items. 

They’re also constantly looking to innovate, just like it happened when drones first looked into delivering Amazon orders nearby to these centers. 

As for most of the sellers on AliExpress, note they’re most commonly manufacturers and wholesalers. And this works entirely differently on eBay. 

Consider the variety in their offer.

All in all, it might be hard to decide which store to go for. Lining up Amazon vs. AliExpress and eBay can be a matter of personal choice as much as what’s available for the precise need we’re trying to fill. 

If time’s a constraint, faster shipping services such as Amazon and eBay could probably help better than AliExpress. However, if a cheap price tag is a priority, then AliExpress becomes more of a solid go-to point. Every circumstance should be weighed out. 

What’s certain is that there are more comprehensive ranges of offers in a platform such as Amazon over a majority of categories than others can meet. However, Amazon’s filters might be an overwhelming visual and practical load for some. And eBay’s ability to take PayPal can draw others. 

Pick and choose. For that, it might be worth scouting every app or platform online to see what works best for your and/or your company’s needs. Either way, we hope you make it. 

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