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Looking into productivity apps can be time-consuming. And, if you go through trials, it can also get expensive. To cut back on time and money expenditure, we need help making the most informed decision. And for that, we could certainly use going our quickest through the best productivity apps currently out there. The wide offer of productivity apps online at this time can certainly set us back on what precise software or extension to use, however. So, to help narrow choices and nail the best productivity app for any company need, we’ll give you our account of the best productivity apps of 2020. 

Different needs call for diverse measures

Our productivity app recommendations are based on a diverse range of functions. 

We’re mainly covering many of any business person or company’s needs. And that includes being able to draw to-do lists as much as exercising a video option to enhance real-time team collaboration. From a work timer extension to a downloadable app with a web version for project management, we’re giving a sorted pick at the 15 best productivity app package out there this year. 

15 best productivity app list for 2021

Monthly: This is a great app to think about productivity as a global aspect of any company. Monthly monitors and manages all your SaaS tools. And it helps optimize your tools. It does so by discovering duplicate or orphaned tools and getting rid of them. It also integrates SSO and GSuite to track usage and let users determine which team members are taking practical advantage of which set of features.

StayFocusd: Having trouble wandering from one task to another and multiple tabs open? This app is designed to help anyone with any sort of common difficulty focusing at work. It works as a browser extension, and, as such, it allows users to block certain websites. The blockage can be scheduled for a specific period or at a maximum functioning time per day.

RescueTime: The app helps people take a closer look at habits. Keeping track of everything a user does, the app also goes into categorization. It checks on apps being used, website navigation, and even breaks during the day. And it then categorizes those for users to better understand where their time usage and focus is going. Of course, this is all aimed at managing it all better.

Lucidchart: The chart reference isn’t just wordplay. Create diagrams and share them with an entire team so they can collaborate in it real-time. There are chart templates and diagram ideas to help you out in this little world.

Tomatoes: Competitive people might want to take a look at this app. It’s basically a web-based timer, but it turns productivity into a competition by tracking the number of Pomodoros per logged user and scoring them on leaderboards. It’s also completely free to use. Admittedly this is just one feature turned into an app; it can motivate people to finish what they’re doing on time to beat their competitors. 

Pocket: Speaking of keeping many tabs open all the time and having a hard time closing them, here’s an excellent app for those who work like that. Pocket lets you save web pages to take a look at them later. Quickly build a webpage collection for easy access later. And free tons of tab space for navigating from one task to another one without distractions.

Toggl: This app is all about time tracking. Find out how long it’s taking to finish tasks. That way, it’s much easier to plan a day and projects. Aside from time tracking, Toggl creates reports on the data it’s fed.

Todoist: To-do list fans now have a perfect app at hand! Prioritize lists and add people to them. Helpful features include reminders, labels, filters, and comments on tasks.

Evernote: Go here if you’re looking for a planner and a place in which to take notes. Evernote is more than just a pad, though! Users can rely on its search feature and sync different devices. Or add audio, photos, PDFs, and more! All of these make Evernote useful to go from one place to another.

ClickUp: This is a great tool for small teams. Clickup allows users to collaborate in small and large projects, and you might not need to upgrade unless you have a large company. Clickup offers reminders, the ability to set your own goals, create and share calendars and even your own inbox. Toggle between different views, and customize fields for each project on which you’re working.

Monday: This app’s perfect for big teams. Use it also on complex or multiple project handling. There are numerous ways of viewing said projects. You can go for boards, checklists, workflows, or more. Monday lets you track progress, do file sharing, set deadlines, and monitor those. See a weekly overview of different projects, if you’d like.

Taskade: Small teams can find here a home, especially, Taskade is an excellent option for project management and collaboration. Change how you view your projects. Edit them in real-time and use the chat option for communication. Taskade also makes a team calendar and roadmap available to help visualize and easily assign tasks.

Doodle: This productivity app offers collaborative scheduling. Easily schedule meetings for people in different places and timezones. Team members can set availability hours, set reminders, and keep whatever info they prefer hidden for private events.

Trello: Here’s a Kanban-style app that’s great for work management. Create boards easily and add cards with different tasks to them. Also, change cards from one board to another. And make life as a team very easy in terms of online and offline collaboration.

Slack: A widely known messaging app, Slack allows private and group chats through specific and a seemingly infinite number of channels. Send files, and have video and audio calls, if you’d like, straight from the app! Integrate Slack with other tools such as Google Calendar, also.


Achieve more this coming year, also! Make the best of the change of seasons to enhance your work and personal processes based on our list of 15 best productivity apps. 

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