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Briefly, the best SaaS Operation Management, also known as SaaSOps or SOM, is a term used to refer to operation software. Of course, it's not just any kind of software. It's one that eases how we keep a company's bundle of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products working optimally.

Virtually every business uses SaaS at this point. We'll give you a broader definition of SaaS operation management below. Yet, for now, it's good to know that this kind of tech is truly built to make business operations easier and free up tech professionals. Companies use SaaSOps to move valuable team members over to more crucial aspects of a business, for example. And on the other hand, the Ops Model also automatizes processes for better efficiency. 

SaaS has gained tons of fame in the past 5 to 10 years. More and more companies refer to them because they make it so simple to have everything on a cloud! Yet, even though these apps are highly useful, it can also be hard to ensure they're working on leading quality and the best user experience. So, let's dig deeper into the best SaaS operation management to see how we can profit from these in our own businesses.

What is SaaS management?

SaaS management doesn't just mean understanding how applications work. We may know what to do with them, but running the best SaaS operation management demands getting the business stack very well. And tracking all of the right metrics for an excellent, yet moreover, secure workflow.

Amongst others, SOM help with admin duties. But they also control role access, command policy, and licenses, and automate workflow. They do a fair share of reporting! Thus, a great SaaS management tool should take all of your company's SaaSOps and see them as a whole system. The benefits of that are multifold. 

Reasons why you need SaaSOps management software

A few of the reasons why you might need SOM include optimizing running systems. You might otherwise have a slow workflow if a business' systems aren't running correctly. Also, proper software of this kind ensures teams have the right access to what they need. This fact alone, of course, can mean cutting back on many delays. And sometimes, that also involves only giving each party access to what they require, not more. 

Why security stands out in SaaSOps management 

Like we've said, security is another reason why useful operations management tools are relevant. SaaSOps have access to a lot of sensitive information. And we just need to make sure that's safe. It's crucial not only for our startup's sense of security. More importantly, it needs to ensure our customers' privacy and security, as well. That's vital to any company doing SaaS, as you may know from experience.

What you want SaaSOps Management Apps to do

We need more than just a few renditions from a SOM. You want SaaSOps management apps to give a few critical data pieces, which include apps cost. Yet, it also means managing vendors and all those contracts. It’s about counting on transparency in all of the purchases done through SaaS. And preventing and reducing IT work, caring for plans and licenses, and, of course, keeping all of the apps and their data stored. What's crucial here is that the storage is highly reliable and secure for a company and its consumers. 

That's just how important SaaSOps have become for group functions. There are also many systems we can use for operation management. How to decide? Do you wonder? Here are 5 of the best SaaS operations management software you can find, and the reasons why these are great. 

5 best SaaS operations management software list:

1. Monthly

Here’s a one-stop-shop to manage subscription software that doesn’t only track and optimize spend but also makes recommendations to let users in on smart new tools. It’s solving the deficiency in SaaSOps platforms to startups like their own that Slidebean created Monthly, and few companies are honestly as well-positioned to build it. 

Monthly tracks the usage of a company’s SaaS platforms and relates users’ low app use to optimize expenses. That means being able to define which team members can be removed from specific platforms, for example. And, if you connect your accounting software to work emails, you can easily collect invoices or measure user activity through SSO and G Suite logs. Billing will be at your best through this centralized SOM tool; that area is also a critical helping hand integrated into Monthly. 

best-saas-operation-management monthly

2. Blisfullly

Blissfully covers every SaaS management use case. And it allows you to build and maintain processes that work and streamline your SaaSOps.

You'll be sure you're tracking who's on which app and how much money you're spending through each. It's excellent software in terms of visibility, and it helps keep everything organized. It also tracks changes throughout all of a company's apps.

3. Intello

Here's another great tool for optimizing and managing. It allows integration with all the major SaaS products, and it's also a valuable asset for compliance and usage. It works on a browser plugin, too, which means transaction monitoring in real-time. Of course, there's immense value in getting your information right away! All in all, this is a fantastic tool for companies of all kinds and sizes.

4. BetterCloud 

You can play with diverse settings on various SaaS platforms with this one. And it's most useful at alerting you of suspicious behavior. Sold as SOM capable of "critical insight, automated management, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms," this New York-based company was founded in 2011 and is said to be "pioneering the SaaSOps movement."

5. Axios Systems 

Here's the one for all of our readers who're focusing on HR, finances, and facility management. Axios works to enhance such services. And the system is globally recognized by leading analysts who focus on service management technologies. Axios also takes pride in supporting work-from-home employees. 

Deem if it's time for a change in SOM

One of our goals in defining SaaSOps and their functions is to allow you to really make sure that the system you're using is delivering. And that it's doing so to the full extent of its capacities. Even more, if you can tweak what you have them doing with internal team and workflow optimization. There truly is value in what has now become a whole new IT market category. Don't miss out on the real option of an app that manages and secures SaaS products within your startup or company! 

The best SaaS operation management tool truly lets you profit from greater control and top-notch visibility over your company's SaaS portfolios. And that includes more efficient IT workflow, automation in SaaS processes, and rigid user and team access management. It also means the security of data and access. And it even has to do with licensing and policy adherence checks. Definitely include control over how much the business is spending.

Suppose you don't sense the above is your case for any reason. In that case, we highly recommend switching to a SOM that'll provide all these services. And look for one that does so to the best possible practice for your business. Value your internal and external processes and the insight you currently have on how you're running those. Especially consider your data's security and that of your customers. Those factors alone can be reason enough to pinpoint better SOM options for your business. 

Be sure to try Monthly, free for a month, and keep your SaaS expenses on track!

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