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2020 has been an eventful year. And, though the invitation is wide to simply subsist, we bring a list of the 5 best subscription management software for this year to help your business productivity thrive at new levels. We'll add information on pricing and popular features as we go. Scout along all of our 5 options to ensure you're getting the best the software industry has to offer your business processes.  

The best subscription management software for your business

Stored payment data can help automated charge processing to alleviate recurring revenue. As a result, brand loyalty and customer retention can be improved alongside a top-notch customer experience. 

Think of your startup financials. When an app can ensure the right amount of funds continually being charged, that's a guarantee of keeping a smart eye on all of the company's software usage and related expenses. 

Imagine multiple specific add-ons, along with payment and e-commerce tools. Let's get to a list of our 5 best subscription management software for 2020 to give you a great idea of your options.

1. Monthly

Slidebean created Monthly by solving the deficiency in SaaSOps platforms for startups like their own. And few companies are as well-positioned to build it. 

This one-stop-shop manages subscription software while it also tracks and optimizes spend. To do so, the app tracks the usage of a company's SaaS platforms and relates to users' low software use. That means defining which team members can be removed from specific platforms, for example, to no damage to your internal runs at all.

The software also makes recommendations to users on smart new tools. And, if you connect your accounting software to work emails, you can easily collect invoices or measure user activity through SSO and G Suite logs. With this centralized SOM tool, your company's billing will be at its best, as well. Give Monthly a free trial to learn much more about it!

2. Chargebee

Pricing goes from $0 for a newly launched startup that's making less revenue than $50K to a $249 monthly price with its rise plan, $549 for its scale plan, and a customized pricing option for enterprises. The difference between their rising and scale plan is going from 10 to 25 users, for example. Yet, it also means recovery efforts for abandoned carts, taking measures on fraud, and having different profiles for taxing purposes. Customers can request a consultation on engineering and much more! Of course, there are metrics for SaaS and support for multiple currencies and tax regions, etc. Easy to use and set up, their slogan includes "flexibility to manage subscription problems" as a promise.

3. Billsby

If you think your plan would be too complicated for a company to handle well, check out the number of products, plans, and cycles that Billsby holds. And, if the monthly charge above the hundreds is any sort of a hindrance for your startup, perhaps Billsby's $5,000 free trial on $0 per month can help. The only other pricing plan is adhering to a transaction fee of 0.4% (which could go up to 0.9% on our prior software mentioned and as high as 1.5% on other possibilities).  

4. Pabbly

Are you wondering about the best subscription management software for SaaS, by any chance? They've built a single package that solves 5 critical applications. Those are email marketing, subscription billing, building forms, verifying emails, and connection through workflows and shared data. Recovering sales through automated email reminders is a key feature, along with a lack of transaction fees. They also handle up to 25+ currencies. 

The pricing scheme is characteristic of Pabbly. Their list goes from $21 per month on Tier 1 and scales all the way to $2100 for Tier 17. You've got all you can think of in between the 1-17 tiers. Check their website out to find out more! You can also create and handle coupons and discounts for customers out of their tool.

5. Chargify

Here's an option to deal with entire customer lifecycles in B2B SaaS. The platform's designed for companies based on subscription models. And they've got all sorts of analytics to go with 3rd party integrations. A real-time dashboard makes insight on clients very easy to check, and you can test subscription plans to check on conversion with Chargify. 

Pricing here goes back to the couple hundreds in its starting range. From $299 in its monthly cost, the success package is a dollar close of $500, and a specialized custom version is also available. 

Standard features of subscription management software

We'll now add a couple more critical concepts to consider when looking for the top subscription management software to increase productivity. 

When choosing the best software to handle subscriptions, we recommend analyzing the type of functions you'll decisively need. 

As you do so, think of compliance in your case and that of your target customer base. Consider the number of team members you'll have and how many of them will need simultaneous access to your new tool. 

Moreover, check that these tools are focused, as Monthly is, to optimize your spend above all else. Look for the option that optimizes billing and other processes by merely streamlining your work, too. 

Regarding how friendly these platforms are to users, check how dashboards look and what kind of interface you need to use to connect services comfortably. Contemplate integrations as these let you exercise different needs based on other specific apps. 

If you can get email links, too, those would be of great help. We mentioned some tools that do recovery for you, exercise email marketing, and handle your collection needs. Yet, don't ever let yourself work so comprehensively on a single platform without access to your vital statistics. The idea of centralized work is viewing and handling the number of stats from such activity. Look for real-time metrics and excellent support here. Reports should be a given if you're looking for continuity. And root for being on top of your performance from numerous angles. 

Compatibility with your customized programs, if you have any, should be another check on your thorough list of considerations for this kind of app. Best of luck! 

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