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So, what are the best subscription tracking apps, after all? That question can’t be too hard to answer, right? There seem to be tons of options that can be thrown around under that label. So, we’ll get to chewing up on that question in just a second, but we’re also giving you a bit of background information first. 

To better understand the best subscription tracking apps, we’ll first get to the flux of money that moves per second and daily around the globe. We hope this helps give the topic a bit of dimension.

We’ll also focus on two angles for this article, one that has everything to do with personal subscription handling and another that centers on businesses. 

How much do people spend on subscription services?

The data is clear. From a New York Times article that puts our 2019 spending on digital subscriptions at $640 to PCMag’s “average of $237.33 per month on those subscription services,” the truth is we’re constantly throwing a lot of money on our streaming, music, cloud, dating apps and other online tools. According to MarketWatch, to give you a better idea, that totals $2.1 billion in spending across 55% of U.S. homes over a single month on streaming services. And that’s just on the personal side. Care to check what businesses are spending on the same? 

How much do companies spend on subscription services?

Starting with an average medium-sized company, this kind of spending has been recorded as “US$20,000 per month on SaaS tools,” which was also reported on this same source as a figure that was expected to grow “118% by 2020.” 

What strikes the eye more is how “annual SaaS spending worldwide [was] expected to surpass US$85 billion by the end of 2019.” Health crisis underway, these are the figures being reported towards Quarter 2 of 2021. 

Suddenly, keeping an eye on that tab gains prevalence, no? Especially as the data also shows that “a whopping 71% of companies have at least one SaaS subscription with no billing owner.” Tons of trouble can derive from that, aside from a senseless throw of money down the drain. 

But, how do we get a hold of the best apps to manage these kinds of costs, then? So, let’s get right to it! We know you’re here for it. 

The best subscription-manager apps

As we said, we’ll give you a bit of both worlds for our best subscription tracking app recommendations. So let’s get personal before we jump to the business world, shall we?

Personal subscription management apps

#1 - Go with Recurring

You can expect we’ll throw this around in the next round, too, because the product is perfect to top our list. 

With this tool, users get everything they need in a single place. From orphaned and duplicate tool removal to alerts on subscription renewals, a fixed eye on legal implications, and intelligent recommendations, you just can’t go wrong making this cloud-based platform a way to control and optimize software spend. 

Targeted as a one-stop shop to track and optimize recurring SaaS spend, Recurring lets users monitor and predict spending through an easy-to-use centralized dashboard. Check more to give it a try!

#2 - TrueBill

We’re going with one of the most popular apps for this second recommendation. Track a credit report with this tool and get summary analysis furnished by the app itself. These financial snapshots can give your personal life much clarity. Get peace at a glance. 

And, while you can always cancel subscriptions where the need is, in TrueBill’s case, getting rid of those commitments can be done straight from their app in a matter of a few clicks. With over 2 million users, what they call a concierge can be a practical new digital assistant - paid or for free. 

Like driving on autopilot? Use that concept to save money, as well. Truebill works on established patterns based on your spending habits to let you know when’s the best time to start saving your pocket and wallet some personal funds, all the while helping avoid overdraft fees.

Business subscription management apps

#1 Recurring

But you can also gain control and oversee invoice data and team expenses with Recurring, on top of everything we highlight above for it. 

Just forward invoices to a devoted address for your company and consider it done! The tool has been designed to furnish reports for you that classify expenses and give you full transparency about where your company’s money is going.  

Connect QuickBooks or Zero accounts to built-in integrations and go for cheaper or simply better alternatives to the apps for which you’re paying. Don't stay behind, but work based on what similar companies in your industry are using to get their job done. Recurring lets you know about all that in an instant. 

As you can see, we developed Recurring to give founders, CEOs, and COOs control and oversight into their company’s subscription expenses. So, let the privilege of seamless and complete visibility of your monthly spending warn you about any significant increases or changes to your stack. 

Ditch the million spreadsheets or info scattered around diverse files to keep budgets in check, especially those about different teams. Make better-informed decisions this way and take back all of the control of your SaaS. Just click below to track your first $1,000 for free. 

#2 - Adjust

If adjusting is what you’re trying to achieve, then this Berlin-based mobile measurement company might be able to help you out. 

The strong suit in their campaign automation is a quick budget allocation that you can segment. Yet, Adjust focuses on helping users increase retention, for instance, and understanding client touchpoints’ connection with a company’s ROI. These are a few of the uses they highlight on their own, shining as a fraud prevention knowledgeable company that’s now moving into advanced solutions for mobile marketers. 

There’s a bit of ground to cover before all iOS challenges are fully solved for this app, perhaps. Still, it helps to know how they’re more geared towards mobile attribution measurements to help teams with advertising performance. Talk about a strong suit for a company’s marketing efforts. 

Need a one-stop shop to rule all your SaaS instead? Give Recurring a try and let us know what works best for you. We’re always here to lend a helping hand and listen to your feedback. Be safe out there!

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