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Team collaboration tools have become necessary for groups of people who work together. Yet, with the wide range of online team collaboration tool offers, how do we know which one to choose for the best performance out there? We bring a practical overview of the 7 best team collaboration tools to help that decision. And we’ll also clarify a few ideas on team collaboration that might be good to double-check. 

Why are team collaboration tools necessary for a business?

Managing a project requires organization. As it runs on a series of tasks and different schedules, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all aspects that make up a successful project result. In that, excellent communication with all team members involved in a given goal is a must. 

Depending on how we handle our teams and projects, we can keep everyone on the same track for an ideal result. Or we can find ends coming loose, that we’re running behind schedule, or end up delivering a sub-standard end product. Team collaboration tools can ease all of that. Yet, what are they exactly? Let’s move on for more. 

What are team collaboration tools?

Team collaboration tools are apps that integrate what we more frequently need to complete business projects. They make business life more manageable! Their overall goal is for companies to handle all their needs out of a single place to help companies succeed. 

These apps remove the need to navigate from one place to another for different reasons. Examples include jumping around apps to find files, handle deadlines, retrieve contacts, send emails, and more. Collaboration tools of this kind basically put together all it takes for teams to work on tasks optimally. They provide means to quickly meet team goals online

These kinds of business tools are also vital for teams that work overseas from one another. Or, we might all be spread across the same building, yet could cut down on the extensive time spent in meetings or huddles to accelerate production via online resources. Keeping an organized workflow is also part of the success team collaboration tools provide

What they help achieve is getting everyone on the same page most easily and comfortably. Information should be more accessible for everyone, regardless of how basic or complex our data is. 

Which is the best team collaboration tool? 

The best choice in a team collaboration tool is different for every company. The decision mainly depends on the precise kind of needs a company has. Some options include a few features that others don’t. Others may be more or less compatible with the type of files or apps the team needs to use. Yet, as is the case with apps, every team’s right one will be whichever tool makes the end job more efficient. 

Monthly offers all the optimization tools we need to manage projects and make the most out of SaaS stacks to keep a business growing. The app aims for integration and gives what startups need in terms of productivity and collaboration. Make the most out of projects! For that, we’ll now move on with our promise. 


Overview of the 7 best team collaboration tools

Without further ado, we’ll leave you with our total overview of the 7 best team collaboration tools. We hope you find it useful!

1. Monthly

Like we said, this is the tool to manage all your SaaS in one place. Especially as you get smart recommendations based on your company’s total app usage. Monthly doesn’t just track who in your team is using which apps, precisely. It also determines which features are being used and which ones can be removed. 

The tool also helps identify, edit, change, and even cancel subscriptions a startup no longer needs. Created to give CEOs and founders control over a company’s subscriptions, Monthly also offers insights to help a company grow.

2. Meister Task 

This tool is very intuitive. There’s lots of flexibility in its work board, which helps customize projects and adapt to company needs. There are more features to MeisterTask, such as statistics, comments, and even mentions. The tool can integrate many widely used apps, as well. 

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is very much like a social media platform for work. It makes communication tools available alongside those for task and project management. Running on a group chat, shared calendar, and more, the app’s also free for teams up to 12 members.

4. Slack

You probably know this one well. Slack has been used very commonly and widely for years now. It’s mostly aimed at messaging, however. As such, it gives different communication channels to organize tasks with diverse teams, especially per topic or need.

Slack allows file sharing and information search straight from the app. Another available feature is video calls with screen sharing. Yet, if you open too many channels and load them with tons of people, conversations can quickly get overwhelming. This one is also free for small teams.

5. Flock

Just like birds up in the sky, Flock is well equipped for remote team collaboration. Allowing integration to many popular business apps, this one also has private and open channels. It comes with audio and video calls and file sharing, too. And this one also lets you set up calendars and manage to-do lists. 


Here’s a 2019 Webby Award winner as a productivity platform! And that might be tied with how easy it is to use. Collaboration is made simple with it, and Monday certainly helps keep a timeline on track. It’s also neat to be able to rank tasks per priority.

7. Wrike

Monday is not the only one with an award under their arms! Wrike is another award-winning app used by more than 20 000 organizations around the world. 

We’ll wrap our overview of the 7 best team collaboration tools by stressing how Wrike is excellent for any team size. It also gives a lot of freedom to customize. And the real-time dashboard makes it easy to keep tasks on time.

We hope these have been of use to you. Feel free to send us your feedback, and let us know if Monthly can do anything to suit your needs much better, too. 

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