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Learning how to use a monthly budget template should ease business in more than one way. Monthly budgets help establish trends, for example. And they can be a valuable topic during board meetings. They can even be powerful material to show potential investors! And a look back on prior months can help us modify how we spend designated funds in the near and long-term future.

In this sense, business budget templates allow us to quickly adjust data. And that alone can be helpful for periodic reports as much as business financial projections. 

Control finance with Excel spreadsheets

Like we said, gaining control of corporate finances can be as easy as creating a spreadsheet. Termed monthly budget spreadsheet, this feature in Excel makes expenses visible. It's precisely by tracking costs that we can make projections and base analyses on what's been recorded. Its value can also be easily enhanced when we confront this data with more variables. 

Compare budget vs. income, for example. It's a perfect way to use Excel monthly budgets! Transactions, in general, can be matched. And we can especially identify and highlight mismatches for more thorough reviews. 

Graphs for visibility make data easier to understand

Relying on graphs can also enhance how we view relevant areas. Having a vast display of data can make financial info much easier to grasp and digest. And the plus side to a platform such as Excel is how little effort you need to work on financial data offline. 

Customizing an Excel spreadsheet must be one of Excel's most vital contribution areas. And, if you're on the move, storing budget documents on the cloud is also highly available to all users. 

Speaking of the cloud, Google Sheets is a similar option that works that way, too. Though more forced to an online connection, teams can share files so quickly that the entire product's collaborative aspect becomes very efficient. 

Are Excel monthly budget templates exclusive to an industry?

The tools we're describing help regardless of our niche and industry. They're also needed irrespective if we're a B2B or B2C startup. They can finetune our spending. And that applies whether we offer services, focus on e-commerce, real estate, merchandising, goods, or anything else under the sun! 

What varies is the number of details we need to insert into Excel. That does depend on every company and scenario. Yet, all of the diverse businesses we can imagine can, at some point, benefit from comparing monthly budgets, for sure.

How formulas help monthly budgets

Another benefit of an Excel monthly budget template is setting it up to automatically calculate differences relevant to us. By feeding our company data to it, we can create many calculations on our startups. Set the tool up to divide data per category, for example. Doing so can quickly enhance how we keep track of spending in a company's different areas. Take transportation, for instance. When tracked optimally in an Excel monthly budget, the document can quickly and easily let us gain insight into how much we're spending. But it can also let us customize and filter results. And that allows us to see these concerning other types of costs or categories. 

The power of tabs for budgeting in Excel

Excel tabs also help track different databases. Use them to keep transactions in distinct places. Also, filter details in or out and summarize data. You can select variables and particular pieces of info, too. And you can even establish categories for specific transactions and details. On this note, a summary is an even more graceful rendition of the raw details you store in parts of Excel spreadsheets. 

Time references for Excel monthly budgets

Moving on to the benefits of the best Excel monthly budget template, think of monthly reports as much as we make other systematic efforts. Quarterly submissions or revisions can undoubtedly help guide and understand business patterns. 

If you can, go back to the start of your startup. Track your numeric history. That can be a fruitful practice to identify and re-design patterns. We can even control a few behavior pieces in our data when we look at the year to date figures, for example. And all this should ease tracking annual expenses. It can also help analyze related data per category.

All in all, keep startup finances in check through a close eye at dates during several periods.   

Data to record in Excel monthly budget templates

Creating a monthly budget first-hand, without relying on a template, can be more challenging. We'd simply need to recall all the variables that give a top-notch account of our expenses. If you go down this route, include all related fees, such as advertising, service, sales, and even legal ones. Also, consider taxes and any government or regular charges that fit per specific location. 

Putting the above together should help cut back on needless spending. Yet, it should also shed light on all those areas that draw the most income.

Free monthly budget templates 

Of course, locating the perfect monthly budget template in Excel makes budgeting more manageable. Suppose you're looking for one. In that case, Slidebean's business budget template comes with all that's needed - including an XLS version! There's also top of the line financial models and pitch decks to go with that. 

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It's also tough to manage a SaaS stack as a startup grows. To solve that, we just came up with a specific way for founders, CEOs, and COOs to control and oversee company subscription expenses. Can you believe our most recent tool? 

We started with our first-hand experience. Running a venture-funded startup and helping other seed and series A companies get traction, we identified significant common trouble. Today, all our observations are a part of the expertise that nurtures this new app. 

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