How to keep track of subscriptions

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Learning how to keep track of subscriptions can be as easy as reading up on this article for the basics of subscription tracking that you’ll ever need. If you come to need more, just let us know. We’ll gladly expand further than our FAQs on subscription software, with which we’re starting now below. 

How to track and manage your paid subscriptions?

You know how you may have different paid subscriptions at this time, all from various service providers? Spotify, Netflix, billing and accounting apps, all of the business’ stacks, even some for the children, at times, etcetera. 

Just recently, our global pandemic caused an increase in the demand for these services by 27%. And this is extra to what the source also mentions about “69% of Americans hav[ing] multiple subscriptions, with 28% stating they have at least four ...”

A great bunch of us live that way every day of our lives. And knowing how to track and manage paid subscriptions can undoubtedly ease how much time we’re investing just in keeping track of our expenses. It can also help record or conduct close work with them. Think about everything that needs to get done that now apps can so quickly solve for us!

1. Get a software management tool to help you out.

We really recommend you do so, especially for your startup. And this might sound like a rough idea. Yet, we certainly recommend sparing time while maximizing resources and optimizing spend any chance you’ve got. Do so particularly when it comes for free or with low cost for absolute value. 

To answer the question, though, and to track and manage your paid subscriptions, first get great centralized software that speeds up how long it takes you to do maintenance. Get something that truly optimizes. And we mean so concerning the amount and kind of tools that you’re using. And multiply that by everyone in your team and overall company. 

2. Download the app to your devices. 

Or, better yet, get an app for online access from virtually anywhere. Bring everyone on board. 

3. Track your paid subscriptions]

Hate paying bills you forgot to cancel? 

Let a single tool track every app you use. Then, set that one tool to your preference.

That’s how we can stop worrying about missed renewal dates. 

“That yearly plan I know is up soon, but not exactly sure when” - that can be tracked by a SaaS stack optimizer such as Recurring. 

4. Check your data

Then, go over the data that these tools provide with the power of a few clicks. Help yourself with autogenerated reports. Add filters to remove a few details and get the insight that you optimally need to run a successful business.  

5. Make projections and conclusions.

Use all that knowledge as power to fuel your current admin skills. Help poor management decisions with a full view on valuable data to make the best financial decisions - for your personal and business lives. 

6. Set goals

Set the path straight—draft strategies to make informed decisions. 

7. Make the best of it.

And then make the best of everything you’ve got, including your incoming smart recommendations and new tool suggestions, to run a profitable company, we hope. 

How to better keep track of your subscriptions

Like we said, keeping better track of subscriptions can be a matter of signing up for a centralized software management tool or SaaS such as Recurring

And we mean that because current technology can be much better able to keep notifications on time. These can be set at pre-fixed dates and hours sharper than a human brain could store for small to even bigger teams. This is especially true for companies in growth stages where there’s a sudden high influx of people. Not having to think about installation nor keeping manual track of all incoming expenses can be a true lifesaver. It’s a timesaver, at the very least. 

Automated processes like these can free us of faults of our own, especially in terms of compliance and our terms of service and service agreements. All of those can be ruled by a single tool, making it easier for us to know that to which we’re subject or where we’re covered. 

The above can be notably helpful for businesses running under subscription models that can:

1. Make use of another company’s cloud 

2. Have a tool to manage their own subscriptions to their consumers. 

How to keep track of and manage SaaS subscriptions

It’s all beautifully part of the same thing. Keeping count of your subscriptions and managing them can happen out of a single one-stop-shop such as Recurring. Use a single one to run them all. 

By integrating SSO and GSuite logs, tools like our own can quickly track SaaS platforms’ usage. With Recurring, for instance, we access the records already available to your company on a GSuite account. And the result is employees never needing an install again on their end.

Just think how much time that frees for anyone running our information technology. 

What app tells you what subscriptions you have

An app like Recurring can easily break down an entire company’s app list. And it can do so in a matter of seconds. Algorithms set to easily track and manage all of a company’s and individual’s expenses provide all this. 

And they do so alongside smart recommendations to tip you on new tools that could enhance your latest tech processes. 

How do I stop unwanted subscriptions?

Suppose you wanted to get rid of any subscription. In that case, you should always be able to contact your specific service provider and cancel your services. 

When you have a full-stack being tracked by a software management app, the process can be as simple as tapping on a given service and following the internal path to cancel that subscription.

These tools we recommend are so used to working these tasks out of a single login for you that they’ve easily incorporated notifications to send to users. That’s how you can get valuable recommendations on which apps to delete, which orphaned or duplicate ones to remove or cancellations to take care of, etc. 

We genuinely recommend looking into software management apps to keep better track of all your subscriptions. If you ever need a hand, again, just reach out to us. We’ll be delighted to help more. 

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