Slidebean Review 2021: Details, pricing, and features

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The minute we title this entry Slidebean Review 2021: Details, pricing, and features, we hope that makes it super clear that we are giving you a yearly review of Slidebean entire product and service offers, along with associated costs. 

From what makes up Slidebean presentation software to how much it costs to build a professional presentation, this article right here should make Slidebean business proposition fully clear in just a quick read. We will undoubtedly include the different features this AI-powered presentation software can get you.

Slidebean Pitch Deck

As a startup focused on presentation software, Slidebean reputation kicked off in the Valley. However, the company just came with a natural lead-in helping other growing companies pitch their business ideas with powerful pitch decks. 

This is where AI (artificial intelligence) came to make such a significant difference. The tool can help cutwork that typically takes hours down to just seconds. 

Since 2015, over 30,000+ pitch decks have been created with the Slidebean platform. 

For example, a unique feature to thank for is the division Slidebean eases between content and design. 

Once populated, a single click can produce different styles for pitch deck results. And AI lets everyone keep sorting ingenious results to find one of their absolute likings. 

The platform insights feature also tracks individual viewer activity on a set of slides. The big help with that is allowing anyone to determine which slides recipients have seen. And it also lets users see how much time their recipients have spent on each. Think about the leeway for investor leads in this sense!

The platform can give out the percentage of the presentation that has gotten any engagement. That way, the tool makes it easier for entrepreneurs to follow investors’ reactions to a pitch deck. That is a crucial advantage to pinpoint interest in a business. No more guessing after hitting that send button!

On a more fundamental note, users can also either start presentations from scratch or create slides themselves. In that sense, any of over 200+ pitch deck templates for small businesses and startups can help. 

Trend-setting templates that break the mold

Pitch Deck Templates are one of the company’s vital areas, as these go well beyond just slide design. 

On the contrary, Slidebean’s templates serve as a guide with a topic-specific outline and a structure that entrepreneurs can follow to create a compelling deck.

From fundraising pitch decks to investor updates, the content mimics strategies followed or set as trends by the most successful venture-backed startups. So, users can go after the real pitch decks from the most successful companies. 

Consulting with experts

For those who simply want to kick that ball out of the park and shine all the way through, Slidebean’s other great asset has to do with the experts who work behind these pitch decks. And how they’re available for hire on any sort of pitch deck-related need. 

Bragging rights dictate over 500 projects covered in the last 12 months alone, with an impressive count of over $100 million raised with these professional and stunning materials. 

Slidebean Investor finder

Now, where would a startup be or go without a path to finding the right investors to fund their needs? 

That’s also why Slidebean excels in their wide offer, now also making it easy and giving away smart, productive ways for companies to find investors that match their specific industry. 

In total, Slidebean gives access to more than 40,000 investor contacts and investments, allowing you to get investor matches based on industry and location in your inbox every week.

The method is simple! Tell the experts about your business and the kind of investment you’re after, and a smart system will automatically run through a wide database to locate the best matches. 

Within a short span of 48 hours, Slidebean’s team will come up with a list of vetted investor contacts. Easy as that! 

Slidebean Pricing

On top of that, you can get five investor matches for zero dollars! Yep, just that convenient of a free starting service. Or invest a mere $15 per month for 20 total investor matches (5 every 7 days). This second list includes their email contact when available and their AngelList and LinkedIn profiles for you to access and explore portfolios. 

Care to know about pricing on pitch decks, rather? This structure is mainly geared on three angles, which are titled “Design,” “Scale,” and “Traction.”  

On the design side, Slidebean can help with existing pitch deck redesign for as little as $29 per slide. This is special for companies who need to develop a great-looking pitch deck based on what they’ve already carved as their pitch deck content.

Once a startup is ready to scale and needs to justify funding and a growth strategy, then Slidebean lends a valuable hand with a customized pitch deck and writing and designing a customized financial model. 

No revenue yet? No problem! Pricing is set at $2,599 in such cases. And if you’re already on the side of valuable revenue, then just throw a few hundred extras for a $2,999 price start. 

The Traction bundle is actually lower than the Scale packet above. For just $1,999, anyone can get a 15 slide pitch deck written and designed while also getting full access to a financial model template that’s great to build MVPs and prove a market fit. 

If coming up with a winning financial model is the only aspect currently cracking your head a bit, which is more or less customary for companies just getting started, then Slidebean’s custom startup financial model is the perfect summary of your startups’ revenue and expenses! 

We take historical data to work on a model that allows the company to track KPIs as much as gross and net margins. This helps with critical metrics, such as customer cost of acquisition, for example, to adequately forecast performance. Pricing on this? Take it off as of $999. 

The only way to do better than all this is to go for the Founder’s Edition package right away. This premium offer gives a full combination of pitch deck creation along with office hours with Slidebean’s CEO and many of the available startup experts, proofreading and design tune-ups, as well as +$5,000 startup credits in AWS, Brex, and many other platforms. 

Need for us to describe more?! Give Slidebean staff a call or contact the team via email. 

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