What is Monthly?

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In this article, we'll go over what is Monthly. Almost every business uses SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) at this point. And it makes perfect sense! This technology was specifically created to make business operations easier. It can quickly free up precious tech professionals, for example, so they can focus on more imminent chores or tasks with greater returns. In fact, companies use SaaSOps to move valuable team members over to more crucial aspects of a business all the time! And Ops Models also automate processes for better efficiency. 

In the end, internal processes can be somewhat worry-free with some SaaS Ops. Also, SaaS management software makes sure all the work we do actually makes the best use of all diverse SaaS applications. And that includes all those apps to which a business can be subscribed at a single time.

But what exactly do you look for in a SaaSOps Management software?

SaaSOps management apps give critical pieces of data, one of which is overall app expenditure for a company, for example. This kind of management tool can handle vendors and all contracts, so business owners don’t even have to think about any of that. 

They also prevent and reduce IT work, take care of plans and licenses, and keep all apps and their data stored. What’s crucial here is that their storage is highly reliable and secure. And it’s not so only for a company, but for its consumers, as well.

How does Monthly compare in SaaSOps Management?

Our Monthly app is just what every business needs to handle all SaaS applications in one place. From managing subscriptions software to tracking and optimizing resources, Monthly delivers more than just simple management. The app lets users discover new tools they wouldn’t otherwise know existed. And it helps teams stay within a set budget.

The new tool is quite innovative in gathering all of a startup’s needs. Monthly is built by seasoned startup entrepreneurs to serve starting businesses and all company sizes. It comes out of a team of developers who’ve long been a part of startup entrepreneurship, as well as our founders and co-founders’ personal startup experience.

How Monthly can help a startup

When a business is first growing, it can certainly be daunting to track every SaaS application we set up. Especially if we wanted to keep an eye on the SaaS apps being used across all teams over the starting period. And it can be even more hectic to track all our SaaS apps usage overtime on an established business, as well. Yet, this is precisely where Monthly comes in. 

Forget about keeping count of all the SaaS applications you need! Monthly can do that for you, so you can make the best of more time spent focusing on getting the company off the ground.

Reasons to use SOM

A few of the right reasons to use SOM include optimizing running systems. And getting rid of slow workflows on faulty business systems. 

Business owners or managers can also make sure teams have the right access to what they need. And they can also set limitations where applicable. All this and more is now possible with SaaS Ops management tools such as Monthly.

How Monthly compares to other apps

Monthly is all about solving the deficiency in SaaSOps platforms. Created with startups in mind, Monthly is set to handle a startup’s real-time situations on day-to-day operations.

Compared to other apps, Monthly tracks the usage of a company’s SaaS platforms. It relates to users’ low use of apps to optimize expenses. We want to save you money as much as possible, and Monthly is set to focus on that goal. 

Being able to define which team members can be removed from specific platforms, for example, Monthly also allows users to connect accounting software to work emails. This means being able to collect invoices quite easily or even measuring user activity on the spot. Your company’s billing can be at its best with this centralized SOM tool. 

We’ve lent a critical helping hand by integrating the above features into Monthly. And precisely this consideration takes us to our next section. 

What are Monthly’s special features?

Some of Monthly’s unique features include being able to discover other tools. Maybe it’s bringing back to mind a tool with which you were familiar but had forgotten for whatever reason. On the contrary, Monthly can also get rid of apps entire teams are no longer using and even clear duplicated ones.

Monthly also comes with integration for SSO as well as for GSuite, which is useful to track usage of varied SaaS platforms. As Monthly can tell which team members are taking advantage of features and which can be removed, funds can be redirected. It’s worth using SOM to at least move funds over from no profitable use to areas in which they could best be allocated. 

Monthly’s smart recommendations are another great feature. Getting a heads up of new tools that can replace an existing stack can translate into higher system efficiency. Even more funds can be spared using a single program to run more functions rather than hiring several.

Moreover, Monthly gives users the chance to manage all of their subscriptions in one place. Judge by how long it can take us to cancel a running subscription. Having an app that keeps all of our app subscriptions at once is just a time and business lifesaver. 

Stop having to navigate multiple options and website information to find the function that lets you edit, renew, or cancel your subscriptions. And let Monthly ease business life for you over multiple fronts. 

All in all, Monthly is a tool designed with startups in mind to ease business operations and spare funds. Thought as an ideal management tool, it’s just a great option to run a company’s SaaS apps out of a single place. 

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