What is Recurring?

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Having trouble running different SaaS subscriptions? Or wonder if there really could be a plus side to signing up for a new SaaS subscription management software? Is the question of "What's Recurring" simply buzzing? And could it use a good description of what Recurring is? 

Either way you got here, thinking about trying a tool that can track and optimize expenses makes absolute sense. We certainly celebrate you for it. 

We'd especially love to help if you're looking for solutions and alternatives to manage your company's SaaS subscriptions. So, here's an overview of what Recurring can do for your startup. 

Why look into Recurring?

Recurring's features were created to manage all of a business' SaaS subscriptions out of a single place. The tool is thus great to think about productivity as a global aspect. Yet, it's also overall thought to make entrepreneur life easier while working out ways to save their companies money. 

Help yourself out with brand new and smart tools to make hectic work life much easier. And a bit more inexpensive, too! Now, let's get to the core of what we're talking about here. 

What is Recurring?

Recurring is part of what we know as software as a service (SaaS) subscription software. That's basically it. As such, the tool helps users take control of their software subscriptions. 

Like we said above, Recurring was created with startups in mind. In building it, we worked hard to develop precise and efficient ways to help business people cut down and even stop diverse kinds of unoptimized efforts or resources. In doing so, we decided to focus on the contrary, maximizing that possible optimization. 

Primarily thus, users can turn to Recurring to enhance how startups spend much-needed funding. 

Recurring is intended to help people make the best decisions for a company. As such, it's essentially a single and unique platform. The idea is to make it effortless for a company to renew, cancel, or update its diverse subscription software. Doing so can lead to no more uneventful renewals or unwanted extra fees.

But, what's unique about Recurring?

You know how every startup should ideally offer a unique solution to a justified problem? 

Smart recommendations based on tools being used are a differentiator in Recurring. This is so especially in comparison to most other subscription software. And these are all based on anonymized data. 

And what about my company data and privacy?

Protecting user information is, of course, a priority for us. 

Company names aren't associated with related costs, for example. Yet, the information we gather is capable of generating valuable alternatives. And all of this happens without putting user information at risk. 

We focus on identifying what might be cheaper for our users instead. For that, the tool is designed to provide suggestions on valuable features. You might already be looking for these options. Or, precisely, the tool's point is to give out recommendations for our users of which they might not even know. Suggesting what is up to then unheard of, specifically, is part of how Recurring can help everyday transactions. 

How can Recurring help my startup?

In this sense, Recurring can start by optimizing and tracking expenses. Moreover, processes we can complete with it can be as simple as submitting invoices. Doing so produces a live dashboard with all of a company's recurring payments. It's as easy as that! The tool's feedback from all this processed information can shed light on critical financial decisions. 

As the tool lets us cut back on needless fees, more budget becomes available for relocation. And this is especially significant during a startup's crucial stages. 

Furthermore, Recurring is set to identify users' duplicate tools and those that share similar purposes. Beyond orphaned tools for which you're paying but nobody's using, Recurring also takes away your worries in terms of paying for specific fees on time. And that's so on a, literally, recurring basis.

You might also be wondering if recurring charges are precisely what we call subscription software, no? Just in case, we'd like to clarify a few pointers on that below. 

Are subscription and recurring billing the same?

Subscription and recurring billing are very similar. Both options are flexible ways of payment. However, the main difference between the two has to do with recurring fees being inevitably tied to a credit or debit card. Subscriptions can be handled through many other means and at different times (per year or trimester, etc.) 

As you can probably imagine, there are clear benefits to both kinds of payment plans. 

One of these can be an option to pay for services ourselves. Or you can take these as a structure you make available for customers. Either way, both can benefit clients as much as merchants. 

Consider either (or the two) as part of your startup's payment options for target audiences. 

Overall, what challenges does Recurring solve?

All in all, Recurring was built with startups in mind. And the goal is to ease the most common and identifiable setbacks in SaaSOps management software. Thus, the tool is also set to give founders, CEOs, and COOs an insightful overview of their company.

Another vital feature Recurring offers is its integration system. And that's important because it lets you forget about team members needing installs for additional software. 

SSO and GSuite integrations help us reach usage tracking for SaaS platforms. And log monitoring determines which features to remove to cut back on costs. 

Help yourself with our Recurring app.

Solve with us the most common deficiency in SaaSOps platforms. We believe very few companies to be as honestly well-positioned as we are to build such a tool. Part of our experience comes from running a successful and profitable venture-funded startup. We're working with more than 25 members at this time. But it also stems out of years of helping other seed, and Series A companies get traction. And we've naturally made the best of that! Let billing be at your best with this centralized SOM tool. 

Recurring is the optimum one-stop shop to manage subscription software. Let yourself discover new tools with it as your entire set of team members work on all of your SaaS out of a single place. Especially during a startup's growing stages, Recurring can come as the best startup ally! 

Try it out now.

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