What is the best expense tracker?

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We’re answering the question of “what's the best expense tracker?” not only with a definition of expense tracking software but also our top recommendation for the best expense tracker this year. And why are we about to give you that?

Ultimately, deciding what the best expense tracker is for you is a matter of personal and company needs. And that’s probably and already one of the best expense tracker considerations to make. 

We’re diving right into it, as you can see. And we’re also defining what the best expense tracker is through the expected expense tracker benefits and features. Doing so should give startups and entrepreneurs a good hand in deciding which out of all possible expense tracking SaaS tools to use. 

First, what do we look for in expense trackers?

You know how we call Recurring “a one-stop-shop to manage it all.” That’s because that’s the true potential of any expense tracker. With artificial intelligence on our side, and so many advances in technology continually leading innovation, even, there’s a lot we can demand or expect from day-to-day software. And expense trackers are no different. 

So, what to look for in them? Efficiency. Making your life - or, better yet, your team’s times and efforts - better-spent and easier. Optimizing internal and external processes for a running or starting company is one of the goals any decent expense tracker tool nowadays should help meet. 

Seek convenience in how you run the tool, and give everyone in your company the same. Doing so doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. And, if budgets call for restrictive measures, you can also just focus on helping a specific department with a tracking tool, such as any accounting team, for example. 

Best expense tracker tool for 2021

We’re naturally standing behind Recurring as our choice for the best expense tracker tool of this year. But that’s not only because we believe in it. We also know it’s needed. 

We’ve designed it to be the perfect fit for many startups and entrepreneurs out there, too. 

See, we’ve experienced firsthand just how hard it is to manage a stack of SaaS (software-as-a-service) tools, especially as a business grows. It’s hectic, time-consuming, and demanding. 

So, as great entrepreneurs do, we did something about it! And we made a positive change in the options startups and entrepreneurs have to manage their expenses. That’s what Recurring’s all about. 

What is Recurring about?

The tool seeks to help founders and managers track the expenses, usage, and efficiency of their platforms. And we made this the most efficient tool possible to keep tags on subscriptions the moment we’re charged, for example. Or for users to forward invoices, get LIVE dashboard notifications of recurring expenses, smart notifications, and so much more!

Track and optimize spend, while discovering new tools. We keep saying that because it’s just- oh! - so relevant! And easily possible, too. 

Recurring is here to help companies do that within the blink of an eye and most efficiently. 

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Focusing on features and benefits

But let’s focus on features and benefits expense tracking tools have to help us quite punctually. 

First, this is a tool that makes tracking bills and invoices a seamless effort. It truly helps keep count of costs and expenses. If you take into account the number of hours any human body would need to put an entire company’s single cost, expense, subscription, or other payments into order, then AI becomes more than just a feature. It’s an advantage to free up a team member’s time and add transparency to our internal procedures. 

Features like invoice uploading, expense tracking for warnings at diverse settings, automatic report creation, and others could make business matters much simpler and easier to handle in the same way. Streamline processes, store data on the cloud, have the information handy for everyone to access. Or take into account the number of team members for whom you need to list it. 

The final number of tools your startup can have without orphaning any will come magically and automatically to you as the tool learns which users are visiting which app more than others. This lets us determine what contracts we can finalize, as well as order how often we make payments to spare upon delinquency fees that could otherwise stem from pure human oversight, too. 

Be precise about your budget spending. The idea is to cut back on time it takes to keep our books in perfect order. Or to manage various accounts at once, work with team members on clearer transactions and their respective processes, keep count of our internal budget spending and, above all, simply keep track of business expenses. 

So, get a tool that does all of what you need and more. Our smart recommendations are set to do just that, too.  

Stay on top of your budget.

If you’re looking for a free app, options are more limited. 

That’s why at Recurring, we take an average of a company’s last three months of expenses, and we look at that to define pricing. The first $1,000/mo is tracked for free.

We seek to make this more accessible for entrepreneurs to define and control how much they wish to spend in every sense. 

Expense tracker tool options

We’d also like you to know you’ve got options. That’s one of the beauties of SaaS; there’s usually a wide range of options in tools from which to choose. 

Suppose, for whatever reason; Recurring is not the number one necessity-filling for you. In that case, we recommend seeking out a few other apps that have similar solutions to the same crucial problem. 

At times, the options can be so many that we get confused and don’t know what to choose. That’s also why we condensed many different features to come up simply with the best expense tracker tool for 2021—with it, saving founders and entrepreneurs the learning curve of many apps and giving them a literal one-stop-shop to manage it all. 

By the way, and based on user reviews on app listing platforms for both Android and Apple devices, Mint and Expensify would be amongst the top list of expense tracker app options according to the users on those platforms.

As always, just check and compare. If you have feedback, we’re here to listen.

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